You could travel to Botswana by air from any country today. There are direct flights from major African destinations like Egypt, Kenya and Tanzania as well as from major cities in industrialized nations like Canada, the United States, and Germany. In fact, you could even board a flight to Botswana in order to reach this impressive destination quickly and easily. The most important thing is to keep yourself updated with the latest information on air routes, schedules and fares so that you can plan your trip properly. You can also get an idea about what to pack and what not to do when you travel to Botswana.

travel to Botswana

Botswana is located in Southern Africa, bordering Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The population is quite ethnically diverse with about half of the total population being Bantus who speak the Kalanga language. The other half are white people who have been migrating to Botswana for decades. There is a high influx of tourists to Botswana especially from Western and Northern Africa particularly from countries such as United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, Russia, Sweden and Australia. Overall, this African country offers a wide range of destinations for both natives and tourists from different parts of the world.

One of the main reasons why tourists travel to Botswana is because of its exciting wildlife parks and safaris that offer a glimpse of some animals that are indigenous to Africa. The Okavango Delta is an international renowned wildlife reserve which is visited by more than 10 million travelers from all over the world each year. In fact, many travelers fly to Botswana just to capture a glimpse of this famous attraction. The wildlife safaris in Botswana are highly popular among visitors since they allow travelers to see the huge herds of elephants, antelopes, lions, zebras and buffaloes. However, the biggest attraction to Botswana for tourists is the wide variety of exotic flora and fauna that can be found here.

The Okavango Delta is among the largest lakes in the world and is considered to be one of the best natural wonder anywhere in southern Africa apart from Lake Makgadikgadi in Nigeria. With an area larger than lake Tanganyika in New Zealand, the Okavango Delta is among the two most saline lakes in the world. The water in the delta contains a nutrient-rich, salt-water environment that attracts a variety of aquatic and terrestrial animals including zebra, antelopes, hippos, crocodiles, hippo, etc. On a Botswana safari, the travelers like to spend time traveling around the delta to observe various species at close range.

Another reason why tourists travel to Botswana is due to the amazing desert landscape. Known as the largest wildlife reserve in Africa, the Okavango Delta contains a large variety of wildlife including desert elephants, giraffes, antelopes, lions, zebras and hippos. Apart from the animals, the landscape is dotted with beautiful oases and water springs that are reputed to have medicinal value. These include Lake Baringo, Lake Bogoria and the Victoria Falls, which all draw millions of travelers to Botswana each year. Along with the attractions, the country offers a lot of cultural experience to its traveler’s through its varied music, dance and art. It is among the top destinations for wildlife tourism that boasts of having the world’s oldest known rock painting, the Bongo ya Ugalii, which is also known as the Stonehenge.

Botswana safaris in the Okavango delta attract travelers who like to travel to the southernmost part of Africa. Most of the Botswana safaris are done on foot or by horseback. The hospitable locals of Botswana welcome travelers with open arms and make them feel welcome by giving them plenty of time to explore the region’s attractions. There are also many magnificent mountain ranges in Botswana that attract visitors. Some of the most popular mountains include the Zimani Hills, the Washburn Kalahari Desert and the Great Orme. The Zimani Hills boasts of several game reserves where visitors can go on nature treks and have the time of their lives.