travel to Spitzkoppe

What to See on Your Next Africa Tour

The beautiful town of Spitzkoppe, Namibia was formed from the Lake Mangane. It is one of Namibia’s oldest cities and as such is renowned for its desert and lake views. It is also home to the Zulus who have made this their home. The history of the town goes back to when the Black Man was found here by the Dutch. From this vantage point the Black Man could spot the Dutch ships coming back and forth and would warn them not to come near his land.

It was also here that John van Rooy went on a quest to find the place where the Blacks lived. He became known as the “desert wise man” because he knew where they lived and where they dug. He was able to tell them about a city called Spitzkoppe which was nearby. This is where modern-day Spitzkoppe Hotel was built. It is also where one of the last Black women, Maramba managed to escape from the Dutch in the 1800s.

Now, when you travel to Spitzkoppe you will see the remains of the Black Man’s fortress. A five star hotel and a museum are also located in this town. There are a number of hotels to choose from with each offering different amenities. If you are travelling as a couple then there is a room available at the Gold Reef Holiday Park and the Garden City Hotel.

In the summer months the Spitzkoppe Coast offers various water sports for visitors to enjoy. It is also possible to scuba dive here and for those people who want to experience some of the history of Namibia’s early colonisation can go to the Historic Centre. You can also enjoy the various water sports during the spring and summer season. For those people who want to have an adventure holiday then the Spitzkoppe Desert Experience will provide them with some of the best fun they could ever have. This is a holiday that will make any traveller’s dreams come true.

The most important thing that you should take with you while you travel to Spitzkoppe is a passport. You are not only able to drive to and from the town but you also need a passport to enter the desert. It is also possible for an international visitor such as yourself to stay in the town without a visa. However, please check with the Moroccan Embassy before you travel to ensure that your stay in the city is legal.

So what are you waiting for? Travel to Spitzkoppe today. There are so many attractions for you to see while you are on your holiday. You are sure to love your trip to this delightful town.