A Guide to Makokou and Kongou Falls

Known as the ‘Queen of the African Desert’, Makokou and Kongou Falls is a place that never fails to captivate the heart of every visitor. One of the most visited destinations in the whole Dambwa region, the two fall attract tourists from all over the world. These waterfalls are situated at a height of nearly 300 meters, making them a pleasant sight to watch even during the winter season. Those visiting Makokou and Kongou Falls should also try the authentic Gabon dishes, such as ‘Bogus’ and ‘Au Virgens’ that are made using locally produced ingredients. In addition, one of the best ways to enjoy the natural beauties of this region is through travel to Gabon and experience the various attractions there.

Makokou and Kongou Falls

Travel to Makokou and Kongou Falls starts from the town of Mambasa, which is located at the junction of the Makokou and Kongou falls. The region is known for its unique flora and fauna and its exceptional geology. This fact is what has contributed to the fact that Makokou and Kongou Falls are considered as one of the best natural destinations in Africa. The falls are also known for their gushing water that can carry up to 600 gallons per minute! The region is indeed a popular destination among both tourists and locals alike. The beautiful scenery, the serene environment, the idyllic fishing villages and the plentiful wildlife are some of the factors that have contributed to the popularity of this region.

The region is popular for its wildlife. Some of the famous tourists to this region include Royal Botswana Anglers and Kenya Safari Company. It is not only popular for its thrilling waterfalls but also for the rich fauna and flora that inhabit the region. Due to this, the region is often known as the ‘Rio Indies’ of Africa. The tourism industry is a big business in Makokou and Kongou and almost all of the resorts and hotels provide tours and travel packages to guests.

There are various ways to reach this region from the city centers. Airlines offer flights to Makokou and Kongou Falls regularly. Another option for tourists is to hire a car or rent an automobile and travel to the region. Most of the resorts and hotels provide sightseeing tours to the falls. These sightseeing tours are the best way to explore the falls. Tourists can visit the Old Fort Building, Saadani Community, Blyde River Canyon, Hluhluwe Camping Site, Mt. Kenya Bush Park and Makokou Falls.

If you want to enjoy the peaceful and serene atmosphere of the region, then staying in a hotel in Makokou and visiting the falls is the best thing to do. There are several hotels that are located near the falls. However, the proximity of the hotels to the region increases the cost of accommodation.

Another way for tourists to save money on accommodation is by booking the trip during off-peak seasons. There are several travel and tourism agencies that offer discounts and special packages during these periods. There are also a number of local guides who will help tourists plan their trip and make their tour more convenient and enjoyable. There are also shops and restaurants at the regions which offers a variety of local delicacies and other products that tourists can buy while visiting the region.